Leads and Loans, LLC | Lead Purchase Terms and Conditions:


Purchasing Leads or using this site constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions outlined below.


Order Fulfillment:  Leads and Loans, LLC cannot and does not guarantee any order fulfillment.  We will attempt to fill your lead order up to the quantity ordered within the billing cycle.  Due to the nature of acquiring exclusive leads, we cannot guarantee complete order fulfillment or daily fulfillment distribution. 


Total Estimate Price:  The total price is based on the total quantity of leads ordered. The price that you will be billed is determined by the number of leads that we fulfill to this order.  You will only pay for leads that you receive.


Credit Card Transaction for Lead Campaigns: When you place your initial lead campaign order, Leads and Loans, LLC will charge your card for $0.01 and immediately void the transaction.  This is to ensure that the credit card you have provided is active.  Credit card information will remain on your account so that we can bill for future recurring billing periods.  Once an order has reached the end of the billing cycle (at the end of every calendar week), your credit card will be charged for the number of leads you received during that billing period.  The order will remain open and you will continue to receive leads for the next billing period.  Customer credit cards will be billed as Leads and Loans, LLC or a similar version. If the credit card is declined at the time of billing,  Leads and Loans, LLC reserves the right to block all future orders until the amount is paid in full or other arrangements have been made. If order is not paid in full within 90 days, the account will be forwarded to collections.


Credit Card Transaction for Individual Leads or Product Purchase:  Customer credit cards will be billed a one time fee for lead or product services in the amount listed under Total Price. Customer credit cards will be billed as Leads and Loans, LLC.


Refund Policy for lead campaigns (Real Time Leads): Leads and Loans, LLC will credit a customer account for leads delivered through a monthly exclusive lead campaign in the following circumstances: The home buyer or home seller can not be reached after a 48 hour period of the lead being distributed to the customer because of inaccurate contact information provided, or the home buyer or home seller is already working with a licensed real estate agent. The customer shall notify Leads and Loans, LLC within 72 hours of receiving the lead. The customers account will be credited the original cost of the exclusive lead. 


Refund Policy for Individual purchased leads (Non-Real Time Leads) or products: Prices for non-real time leads are much lower than real time leads and therefore Leads and Loans, LLC will not refund customer accounts or credit customer accounts for leads that are not purchased through a lead campaign. 


Contract Terms: Customers can terminate/cancel an account or terminate/cancel a lead campaign at any time. No additional fees will be uncured by the client for cancelation. Termination of an account will be effective the following business day. Lead campaigns will be automatically renewed each month with the same settings. The customer account will incur regular lead fees until formally terminated by Customer or Leads and Loans, LLC. If Customer fails to make timely payment, as specified in this service contract, Leads and Loans, LLC is authorized to immediately and without a requirement of additional notice to Customer, to deny Customer access to their account until full payment by Customer has been made to Leads and Loans, LLC. Such suspension of account access for failed payment by the Customer does not indicate a termination or cancellation of this contract, nor does it relieve Customer of his/her responsibility of continued payment prior to contract extinction or cancellation. Should Customer fail to make payment as specified in this contract, Customer further agrees to reimburse Leads and Loans, LLC for any expenses related to the collection of payments from Customer, plus reasonable interest. These expenses may include but are not limited to court costs, legal fees, and collection agency charges.


Leads and Loans, LLC retains the right to change the price it charges for real estate leads or products at any time. In the event lead prices are changed, Leads and Loans, LLC will notify any customers who have an active lead camping before a price change. 


Access to Customers web account by third parties is not permitted and is strictly forbidden without express, written permission by Leads and Loans, LLC.

Leads and Loans, LLC makes no guarantee of availability of service, but shall give it’s best effort of making available access to information and services as implied by this agreement.


The Subscriber agrees and understands that Leads and Loans, LLC does not guarantee leads and that an Leads and Loans, LLC should be an integral part of a customers marketing plan.


Leads and Loans, LLC is an information website entity and as such may not be held liable for the business practice dealings of it's customers Leads and Loans, LLC shall not be held responsible for accuracy regarding any website content or information submitted by customers. Any false or misleading information or inappropriate dialog may be grounds for cancellation of service.


Customers are expected to conduct business in a legal and ethical manner.  Complaints regarding customer’s business practices are considered serious. Leads and Loans, LLC reserves the right to immediately terminate any customer’s service. 

Leads and Loans, LLC retains the right to modify or change site content.


The Customer fully understands and agrees to abide by all rules, terms and conditions contained in this contract and that such rules, terms and conditions may change.


Leads and Loans, Grasshopper Leads, are owned and operated by:

Leads and Loans, LLC

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